Pre Engineered Buildings

Pre Engineered Buildings

A pre-engineered building (PEB) also called as Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) is a steel structure built over a structural concept of primary, secondary membersand roof sheeting connected to each other. The structural members are custom designed to be high in strengthas well as lighter in weight

01 Uses high strength steel plates having yield strength of 345Mpa for fabrication of columns, Rafters & other members. With taper beam section concept, hence structure becomes light & economical.

02 Builtup sections are made from HR plates with continuous process of welding with submerged arc welding machine

03 Purlins are secondary members of steel structure in cold formed Z & C ( Galvanised or non galvanised)shaped section are made of high grade steel conforming to ASTM A607 grade 50.

04 Metal color coated sheets used for roof and wall cladding which gives aesthetically good looking.

05 Speedy & planned execution drastically cuts down time and project cost.

06 Special accessories like skylights, ridge ventilators, Turbo Ventilators, roof curbs etc. will be supplied and installed